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Official League Rules

The league rules outline the increased/expanded league organization and structure. Below are the updated rules and policies of the league. Please check back often and refer to the pdf version of the rules and guidelines as the pdf contains the most recent edition.



  1. All participating players will be responsible for their own medical insurance. Love of the Game Basketball League (LGBL) and its committee are not liable for any injuries on the basketball courts or around the premises.
  2. League fees ($350). If League Fees are not paid in full, teams will not be eligible to play and will not be scheduled.
  3. Referee fees must be paid in full prior to each game ($35). Teams that forfeit must pay both teams referee fees, no exceptions ($70). Teams will not be scheduled until forfeit fees have been paid off.
  4. Each team is limited to (12) players per team. 
  5. Players must play a total of 3 games to be eligible to participate in the playoffs. Forfeits due to not meeting the minimum requirement of 3 players to start a game will count towards a game for playoffs.
  6. If a player is injured or is out for the regular season / playoffs; he/she or the team captain may elect a replacement. However, the injured player will not be eligible to play the remaining regular season or playoffs. Replacement players must play a minimum of 2 games to qualify for playoffs. It is up to the team captain to notify the commissioner once a player has been injured. Cases are subject to review.
  7. All team members must wear similar colors to participate. Colors are subject to scorekeeper and committee discretion. 
  8. Game time is two twenty minute halves, running time. Clock will stop the last minute of the second half on all dead balls if the score is within 10 points. The clock will not stop if there is an eleven (11) or more difference in the score. Clock does not stop after all made baskets regardless of score. Shot clock will be enforced in the last two minutes of the second half (if score is within 10 points). The shot clock will be 30 seconds. 
  9. A five (5) minute grace period will be allowed on a team to show up for their scheduled game time. Each team must have at least 3 players to start the 1st Half, and must half four to start the second half. Unless the situation is a playoff game. In which case case a team can finish with 3 players. After the grace period, the clock will run until halftime with 1 point being awarded to the team that is on time.
  10. Jump ball will start the game. Possession rule in effect.
  11. Each team is allowed three time-outs per game but only two will carry over into the second half. Each team will be allowed only one (1) time-out per overtime period; all other time-outs will be lost.
  12. Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls. Technical fouls count as personal and team foul. Any players/coaches receiving two (2) technical fouls will be ejected from the game. (Uniform Technical fouls do count against the player). 
  13. Teams will be in the one and one bonus on the seventh (7th) team fouls, on the tenth (10th) team fouls the team will be awarded two (2) free throws.
  14. Any player committing a Flagrant foul or Intentional foul as determined by the referees, will result in two (2) free throws and the opposing team maintains possession of the ball.
  15. In the event that a team is ahead by more than 30 points with 2 minutes remaining or more than 40 points with 5 minutes remaining the clock will continue to run even on time outs. Mercy rule. 
  16. Fighting will result in automatic ejection of all players involved. The league committee will review all incidences on a case by case basis and determine consequences accordingly
  17. Substitutes must report to scorer’s table and wait to be called into the game by officials or scorekeeper.
  18. Protest must be filed in writing within 24 hours of incident and must have a direct bearing on the outcome of the game. They must be based on an alleged misinterpretation of the rules – Judgment may not be protested. Ineligible player protest will be made prior to the start of a game or before said player enters the game. Player protest will be handled on the court.
  19. Shooting behind the three (3) point line will be awarded three (3) points. If fouled, player will be awarded with three (3) free throws.
  20. Overtime is two (2) minutes. The clock will stop the last (1) minute of the OT on all dead balls. Double overtime will be two (2) minutes. The clock will stop the last (1) minute of the 2OT on all dead balls. Triple overtime is sudden death, first team to score and be ahead by 2 points win. Each team will have one (1) time-out in overtime with no carryover except sudden death. No timeouts in sudden death. 
  21. Advancing the ball to half-court - After a missed free throw, team with possession of the ball can call a timeout to advance the ball but CANNOT dribble after securing the rebound. Dribbling after the rebound and then calling a timeout will not get ball advancing. Advancing the ball can be made any time during the game.
  22. Dunking – Dunking is allowed.
  23. No jewelry will be allowed while playing.
  24. Free Throw – The ball is in play once the person at the free throw line releases the basketball, unless if waiting behind the three point line - otherwise that player must wait until the ball hits the rim.
  25. National High School Rules will govern all rules not covered.
  26. Playoffs – Playoff standings are determined at the end of a team’s 8th game. Standings are based on best records,head to head matchup will determine the first tie breaker, then margin of victory.
  27. Multiple Teams – Players may play on multiple teams as long as they are not in the same division. Conflict in scheduling may arise without any notices.
  28. A team is guaranteed 8 games in the regular season.
  29. Any individual is welcome to participate in any of the divisions. 
  30. Participation is voluntary. The league reserves the right to reject or accept players/teams at committee’s discretion, current and former players included.
  31. No refunds will be given once the season has begun and teams have played at least one game. For any reason a team does not wish to continue the season, their deposit will be lost.


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